Freeing the Animals by Andree Collard
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Animals used in laboratory research are living tools. I take the expression "living tool" from Aristotle, who applied it to characterize the slave's situation in the master's world. The slave deserves unequal treatment, he said, "for there is nothing in common to the two parties; the slave is a living tool and the tool a lifeless slave." Naming the slave a tool enables the master to ignore and/or deny the slave's experience of slavery. It enables him to objectify the slave, to be objective about slavery...

Do Women Need to Liberate Animals too? (Article with C. J. Adams by M. Hoffman)
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Over the years, On the Issues has been committed to expanding the vision and definition of progressive politics. Acting on her concern for the exploitation and suffering of animals and her interest in exploring the role of compassion in progressive politics, publisher Merle Hoffman interviewed Carol J. Adams about the relationship between animal rights and feminism. In this interview, they discuss the reasons why people -- feminists, in particular -- should care about how we treat animals.

This article was originally published in On The Issues Magazine:

The Feminist Connection
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There are women who believe that to be feminist is to be vegetarian. Where are they getting the idea?

On Speciesist Language
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Just as sexist language demeans women, speciesist language denigrates non-human animals

"A noun is a person, place, or thing," we obediently recite as children. What, then, are nonhuman animals? They aren't people or places, so - convention tells us - they must be things. Current English usage is speciesist. It glorifies the human species and belittles all thers. Just as sexist language demeans women and excludes them from full consideration, speciesist language demeans and excludes nonhuman animals. When we consign other animals to the category thing, we obscure their sentience, individuality and right to autonomy.

This article was originally published in On The Issues Magazine

Direct Action and the Heroic Ideal
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Animal Manifesto
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Raven and Crow